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Need for feedback and help for my website

Hey, everyone!

I am currently creating a website for a paints and decoration company in Spain. After a solid start, I would be very pleased to hear feedback from you guys!

In addition, I have a little problem with the hero section in the homepage. In desktop and tablet, the image background can be seen clearly. However, in mobile the image background isn’t visible, and you can only see a grey background instead.

NOTE: In the Webflow preview, the mobile view is perfect, but in the published site the problem is there.

Thanks for the responses in advance!!


Read-only Webflow site:

Published site:

Hey @Maxpower,

Try to clear your cache, hero section looks great from my pov (screenshot from my iphone)

Anyway, i like the design at the moment, neon color are fun you could assume it more and go for a blue and a red more flashy !

It looks great! Really clean an fresh colours and feels really modern.

A minor thing I would say was the text was a bit too heavy all the way through.
Could try lightening the main info text, while keeping the headers bold, I feel that would flow more and make it easier to read