Need feedback on logo designs


I am testing two logo option for my startup Les Pattes Jaunes (which means The Yellow Paws)
It’s a digital catalog to list and centralize shelter animals up for adoption in Quebec, Canada.

Please let me know what you guys think of those two.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The second one. But it would be interesting to see other versions where the paws had different shapes, maybe more organic

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Thank you for you advise Aiden, I actually tried with a more natural shape and it didnt work. Seems like the flat design was the best option. I can show you the previous drafts

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I prefer option #2 as well. I do have some suggestions though if you want our feedback as well!

  • I would focus more on the house element. At the essence of what the business does is to help animals find a new loving and safe home. There’s an emotional connection there that you shouldn’t miss out in the logo. I find that the paws are distracting a little bit from that message. Maybe have one paw only to simplify and then use a more solid shape as the house. Currently it looks a bit like an arrow.

  • Again going back to the mission of the business, I would re-think the font choice. It’s a bit too techie looking IMO. Try something with a little warmer and softer tone.

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Thank you Pascal, I absolutly value your feedbacks and totally agree.
I will re-think the design to show more of our mission and emotion.

If you don’t mind, I could show you the new drafts shortly

@Leattytia_Badibanga Yes please do! :slight_smile:

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