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Need feedback on a possible freebie!

Sneak peek on something I working on and I need some honest feedback. Also I was wondering if I give this as a free PSD or WF template?

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I don’t understand what you mean by “give this as a free PSD or WF template”. Give it to who? Your client or do you mean offer it to the general public for free?? I’m just trying to understand your meaning.

It’s difficult to say much about a PNG with no context within a browser. This would be easy to mockup quick in Webflow and I think you should just for us to gauge UX better. The image feels like it’s to be a Hero and full width. It looks huge to me. Hero images this big (in height) are mostly bad for SEO because they push the content down the page, in this case, it looks like the content is below the fold, which isn’t good for engagement or SEO even if you have solid alt text on the image and a good slogan on the hero. I’d rather see the hero share space side-by-side with some content, than like this. The image you’ve chosen speaks to me as to “fashion” rather than “makeup” because her face is SO far away from the viewer’s eye. I’d use a closeup of a face instead, nicely made up, and tastefully done. Maybe go to some makeup website sites or, look at makeup magazine ads and build a swap file of ideas and adapt them to your style?


I’m thinking give this for free to the webflow community and I like to start first on photoshop before jump in to code.

I want to make a personal website that tell who you are and what you do alongside with your portfolio, currently I’m playing with the layout.

I like the flat look of it. It is simple for both the audience of the website as well as the owner (since this will be a free template).

I’d like to see where this goes further. :wink:

I would release it as a Webflow website, it won’t be too difficult to make and will benefit the community much more than a PSD file would.

Hope to see more soon!