Need code ported from HTML site to Webflow for forms

I’m moving my site to Webflow’s CMS, but there are a few things I haven’t figured out in Webflow. Rather than slog through this for days I’d rather just hire someone who knows how to do it quickly. The code (an badge and a form) are already on my site; I just need to have it placed in the Webflow version.

I have a website, and I want to move it to Webflow CMS. I already have the Webflow site built, but there are three things on the HTML site that I need moved to Webflow.

Everything works well on the original site, so you can use that code to implement it in Webflow. I don’t want to mess with trying to code inside webflow.

Here is the webflow site:

  1. I need google maps inserted
  2. The interactive form must work in webflow
  3. The payment button has to work.

Just look at the code on the original site to see what needs to be done. It’s all already there; it just needs to be ported over.

Please email me if interested…include a bid price. Thanks!