Need CMS video inputs to autoplay on mute and loop. Will pay for a solve!

Hi all!

Find a video walk-through of my question here.

I’m building a site for a VFX agency client (share link here), where Webflow’s 4MB image size max just won’t cut it. I’ve built out project pages for each case study using CMS, and I need to add a bar with a 2x grid where we can play two videos side-by-side on autoplay, loop, and mute to mimic .gifs but with better quality.

I’ve found versions of this code available in the forum, but I’m not a coder and can’t figure out how to execute this seamlessly on my website, especially using CMS—we need the client to be able to input the two video links on the CMS back-end for each client, then have them auto-populate to the corresponding collections page.

Are any of you able to solve/build this? If you can make it happen, we’d be willing to pay for you to implement on the website!

As a bonus, we’d also like to make the project thumbnails on the homepage play/stop on hover on/off (also on mute and loop).

I’m hoping to find someone who can show us they know how to make this happen seamlessly! I already have another website under dev that needs the same functionality, and hopefully a solution can also help others in the community.

Thanks so much, Webflow wizards!

Here is my public share link:
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maybe this video could help you

Hi Corinna,

On your first requirement, autoplaying Vimeo videos with loop and mute is pretty easy and does not require any special scripting. I’ll PM you with a demo that uses CMS-stored Vimeo videos, along with some questions on the controls and sizing you’re looking for in your layout.

The second requirement of play-on-hover looks possible as well, but will likely require some scripting. I’m exploring that now.

@blin thanks for sharing that video tutorial.
I’ve looked everywhere for this.
Will give it a try