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Need assistance with CMS video link embed

Hi i’ve been playing with the platform for a while now. And I can’t get passed the problem of showing my videos like i can with the blog content. (Please see images)

The category cms for “thoughts” links my blog posts just fine but not my category for “Interviews”. While trying to figure out the issue i noticed that there are page connections for my blog post cms & category cms, but not the newest cms i created for video posts. (Images below)

Does having these connections help the content to show? Would love some help and direction on getting the videos to show under the category. I understand that one could just download CSV from YouTube but I’m not that technical.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Elijah_Warren, thanks for the good post.

To show the videos on the Blog Categories template page, you would need to create a multi-reference or reference field from the Blog Categories collection to the Videos collection, then update your Blog Categories to include those videos that should be shown under different categories.

If you want to show the videos that are related to blog posts that are shown on blog posts template, you would create a multi-reference field or reference field in your blog posts collection to the video collection.

Take a peek at how to use multi-reference fields, they allow you to select for example multiple videos per blog category or blog post. You can have multi-reference fields for both blog categories and blog posts that point to videos in your videos collection.

How to use Multi-reference fields: Multi-reference field | Webflow University

I hope this helps

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Ok going to do that now! thank you! @cyberdave

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Alright so still no luck, but I’ve added the multi reference to the blog categories.

I’m wondering if that page connection is what’s needed to populate the information. But don’t know how to do that as I worked off a template.

**Update I just tried adding the blog posts to interviews so the tags do work with those pieces of content.

Hi @Elijah_Warren, thanks for your reply and info.

I can see that you have added a multi-reference field to the blog categories collection and have selected some videos to show for the interviews category.

The next step is to create a new collection list or change the existing collection list to pull content from the collection which is multi-referenced:

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Next, you would put in elements into the collection list to show data from your video collection such as an embed element:

Shared with CloudApp

After you have placed your elements in the list to show from the Videos collection and have bound fields from the video collection to the various elements (h1, images, videos or you can use a custom embed etc), the items from the video collection will show for each item and show all videos which are related to the current blog category.

For Blog categories where there are no interviews, you can style an empty state instead of showing a box that says “no items found”.

If you wanted to show interviews from the blog post collection, you would create a multi-reference field there to connect to your videos collection and where you can assign videos to certain blog posts.

On the blog posts template page, you can create a similar collection list bound to the collection with the multi-videos reference field and show related videos to blog posts.

I hope this helps

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Ok working on it now!

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