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Need any help regarding affirm integration!

Hey everyone, so myself and my site developer have been working thru the hurdles of integrating the Affirm financing API into our new webflow site.

Obviously this hasn’t been easy but we feel we’re almost there we just need a few bits and pieces to make it work 100%

So far we have checkout page setup to collect info from customer, we then have an Affirm checkout button which opens the modal and sets up customer with Affirm approval etc.

Now, here’s the tricky bit. We now need to come back to the site to the order confirmation page and initiate the checkout thru Webflow but there is no way for us to know what the system needs to do this?

Is there any way we can find the info so we can generate an order ID, provide confirmation etc. once customer has checked out thru Affirm?

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How did you end up solving this issue?

Try to contact Affirm customer support. They should help