Need an A record for custom subdomain

I am helping a government agency take their Webflow website live, however their website lives on a subdomain. Here is a fictional version of the domain:

The tricky part is that has its own nameservers. To go live with, Webflow requires adding a “lapd” CNAME with a value of “

According to the agency who runs the “” nameservers, doing the above creates this name instead:

It won’t allow them to add a CNAME without a subdomain name. I imagine this is because “” has its own nameservers so it works more like a root domain and not a subdomain of “”? Am I incorrect here?

Is there anyway to resolve this without:

  1. Moving the nameservers back to
  2. Waiting to see if Webflow can give me A records for “” (I’ve already contacted support)?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the answer Webflow support helped me with:

Delete A records for

Create TWO (2) A Records for :


ADD OR UPDATE CNAME record for to

Set as Default domain in Hosting settings

Ignore “Issues detected” warning in Hosting settings for

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