Need Alpha numerical sort in dynamic list!

Hi, i need alphanumerical sorting for 3 column in my dynamic list.

Ex: one of my list use this: #2, #124, #8 etc, so if i put this section in “number” the cms wont let me put the # because it’s not a number, and if i create it in plain text, il will sort it in ASCII order.

Same thing with my 2 other column that are using both number and letters , ex: 1 year, 124 years, 34 years.

I want them to be sorted “naturally”.

Here is an example:

I really need this option because my list wont be sortable and this will suck!

You can see it there, it’s sorted by the #:

Thanks a lot.


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Please, i really need this to work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone?! …please

Hey @UrbanDownfall

I enjoyed reading that article, it was funny but true.

Have you considered restructuring your data with a hierarchy? (try only using words?)

Have a look at the latest comment in that article

NOTE: Your site looks great but the content is terribly large and takes forever to load from my side. Don’t forget to compress your content with a tool (like

Hi, thanks for the reply.

No i can’t really use words, since i need a list to be sorted by years, so example “one hundred seventy four years” would be too long lol

And by the way my website right now is just in test mode, the pictures will be downsized when everything is ready!

What content exactly? I don’t have any pages or content yet lol!
From my side it’s pretty quick, weird.

Sorry if i missundesrtand you, i’m french.

Here is the updated link,

there is a lot of info missing in the list and the sorting is not done yet (this is another problem i have, there is no sorting in dynamic list so i have to duplicate my list on 8 different page and sort them so the users have the illusion that when they click on the button on top, the list sort itself, but they go on another page)

Could you please share a link where your problem exists?

Leave your field as a number, why do you need to provide a ‘#’ if it is part of your Dynamic Item template?

Same story here, ‘year(s)’ is generic and should be part of your item template

This would be a date field? If you want only the year then it would be a number field (although user defined date formats are something we need)

Content is defined as any ‘asset’ on your Website (images, videos, text)

Hope this helps :smile:

Finally for the # i removed the “#” and won’t sort this column anymore, BUT there is 2 other columns that are the age (years) of the buildings, and the other column the number of years of abandonnement of the buildings.

I have sorted the list by the column AGE, and you see that example 111 is at the top because its a 1, and that 95 is at the end because its a 9, but 111 should be after 95…

You can see those details if you scoll down at the end of this list:

I know that it will work if i remove (ans)(years) and juste leave the numbers but… it will no be as readable and understandable as if you read ex 24 years that just 24…

I want it to work, the last thing i want is to remove “ans”, i will do it just if webflow can’t arrange the sorting “problem”

For now when you click on the buttons in my sticky index navbar, nothing works, the others pages for sorting are not done yet.

Yes i know that if i want it to be sorted by year i need to have it in ‘number field’ in my collection etc, but it wont resolve my problem!

My problem is really what i explain in my original post, the sorting is not good when you have both numbers and letters.

Please share your read-only link -

Please read my answer again, you can create an element next to the one that stores years. In this element, you can type ‘years’ as this text is the same for every Dynamic Item in your collection.

I disagree with ‘not as readable’. I find it redundant to keeps saying the word years and would rather put that word in the column headers…

Time to make a decision. Do you wait for a ‘bug’ to be fixed or Adapt your design to what you have available?

I understand your woes about having an alpha numerical sort and I would like this feature too but in your case I think you can get away with a work around.

@webflow - This article should be moved to Wishlist / Feedback

Here is my read only:

Thanks a lot for the answer man, i did not think/understand that you where saying to put another field with the text “ans” beside the numbers!

That is a great idea to use for now yes!!

As you see in my website…if i add for example (years) on the side of the buttons in the headers it will be all cramp up and not as clean.
This is my opinion! And i like it like my list like that :smile:

Thanks again, you had a great idea, i will test it right now!