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So I am in the process of redesigning a small website. I have the main foundation down (thanks to some great help by the forum members here). There are two sections left that I need to address: the sub page template and the navigation menu on mobile. Right now I am trying to tackle the menu.

I have it slugged in and linked up. Everything is great so far, except on mobile. It works fine on mobile, but it looks rough. I am not sure how to customize it to look the way I need it to. Right now on mobile, the links kind of slide down and are disconnected from the menu icon at the top. What I would like is to have the menu “take over” or look like a fullscreen overlay. Can this be done using the current menu i have? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kbowman,

Your menu is disconnected from the top because of it’s alignment (top right).
And the menu always opens below the current container (that’s why it’s a bit off).

To solve it, you can either move the button a bit lower, or change the menu’s (open) position to fixed or absolute.

And if you want the menu to fill the screen, try changing the Height to 100% of the background (NM WRAPPER to you) and it should fill the screen.

I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear, I know what to do, but I find it difficult to explain :stuck_out_tongue: not the best teacher, I know! :sob:

No worries! I understand what you are saying- thanks for the help, I got it to work the way I need! Thanks again, I really appreciate the help!

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