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Need advice on connecting to Webflow CMS by Airtable's concept

Hello Dear all,

I would like to connect Airtable to my website Webflow CMS by Zapier. My company is selling products, and there is main website and OEM websites to sell our products.

The current process, each time we need upload a product, we need to upload to other OEM websites too. In future, lets we got 99 oem websites , means that we need to upload 99 times if there is a product upload, and each website may got different prices on products.

So our initial plan is to using Airtable to store the products(texts, img, links, indicators).

so my questions is:

  1. i wonder if this idea work or not in Airtable if we were to select those products and publish the products on selected OEM websites or all websites?

  2. if i delete/edit/update a product data in Airtable, will it make changes to all the websites or selected websites?

3)is there any other problem that i might face or need to concern with? :dizzy_face:


@keikei if all those sites integrate with zapier/integromat, then yes, this should all work :slight_smile: . So, you’d go airtable is changed --> zapier/integromat processes —> sends information to website.

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