Need advice on building an inquiry with Webflow

Hello everyone!

Boyfriend’s trying to build an inquiry for a client and is trying to convince me this is not possible in Webflow.
I would really need some help with this:

QUESTION ONE: Do you wish to integrate our solutions into your business environment?
(radio button) YES/NO

Checklist: CRM, Skype for business, Call center

I’m not sure how to do the IF YES question so it’s unavailable if a user answers no. Can you help?:slight_smile:

Also, I would like to add a text field for the third question, which will include a bit longer answer most likely. What type of field should I use? Rich text? He’s trying to convince me it’s not possible to use a text field with more than 32 characters.

Another problem is the inquiry results the client will get on their email. Right now, all I’m getting is (for example): Radio button: True. is it possible to rename it? For example to: Question 1: yes.

Thanks for all your help!