Need advice on a wbsite 'set up' for multiple users

Hello there all you great Webflower’s!

I have been asked to look into a possible website project for a racing team. The project they want/need is a website where the team can post news and photos and so on, and of course presentation of the team and the drivers. So far so good… but they also want each driver to have their own page/site withing the same project, where each driver can post photos, news, show off their sponsors and a calendar that shows next race. The drivers sites should be kind of separate with their own unique username and password… just as the admin will for the team page. It’s almost like its 4 diferent projects comming together in one… Also when they post news etc, they want the teams news to show up at the teams Facebook page, and when a driver post something, they want it to show up on their private Facebook page (i guess Zapeir can do this, just by adding different actions for different driveres etc?).

So my question is… how would be the best way to set up this project, having 4 seperate project set into one?

I’m sorry for my bad English, and also sorry if I haven’t been able to explain it well… I still hope you understand what I mean, and can be able to give me some advice on this.

Best regards

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Anyone? Please? :slight_smile:

Hi Sven, I don’t fully understand your needs but from what it sounds like, Webflow wouldn’t be a good fit. They don’t (yet?) offer user accounts, so having people with their own usernames / passwords for log in is not possible. A few collaborators could maintain it, with a collection set up for “authors”, then you could make it look like it was “written” by that person… but I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for. For cross-posting on Facebook, Zapier is probably your best bet.

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Thank you @sprockethouse, this was very helpful. I was thinking of some sort of user accounts, but only to manage spesific pages… so for instant… a driver can log in with username and password to post news and photos on his page, but not on the team page or other drivers pages.
I guess I just have to make them collaborators and teach them how to use just their page, and not to mess with any other pages.
Thank you again, I really appreciate it!

Sure thing, I’m sorry if that’s not as helpful as you’d like. I would very much like user account functionality for Webflow! I think it’s not high on their list of priorities but it’s ultimately sort of an essential component. There are 3rd party services that handle user account authentication that can be integrated, but I don’t have much experience. A good example is Auth0.

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I agree with you. It would be awesome if webflow could have user account too.
Thank you so much, again, for your help. I will look into it and see if I can figure it out.