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Need a Webflow Expert + Developer

Hello everyone! I currently need some help as soon as possible with a really interesting project!

The site is and we are aimed at turning this Webflow site into more of a Web App / platform such as or Countable.Us

We really want users to be able to subscribe or track just certain Bills/Legislation they are interested in, instead of subscribing and getting updates on EVERY bill.

Currently the Take Action Button on is using a Widget from
They have an open API that we could utilize to get some data points we need to create a custom widget for the take action button or use this API in other ways.

Since I love Webflow, I’d like to keep this on Webflow and find workarounds for custom functionality. Although, It may be best to do a custom build for this.

  1. Redesign
  2. Decide whether to keep the site in Webflow/Webflow CMS or Export to a custom build. Some needed features maybe able to be “hacked” into webflow with custom code, but perhaps it’s best to create a custom back-end for this.
  3. Main Functionality Needed (Similar to or Countable.Us):
  • Allow user to Track Bills
  • Perhaps User Login or Social Sign-Up + (optional) User Profile and Possibly Custom News Feed of Tracked Bills on user profile to keep Tracking Individual Bills Easy
  • Take Action Functionality on Each Bill
  1. Possibly update Bills and CMS from a Google Spreadsheet

*User Log-In may not be necessary but I think it’s really the only way to integrate a Bill Tracking system without having some crazy messy system that’s not very scalable with Mailchimp?

Excited to figure this out!


Send me a Private Message or Email at

  • Scott Van Zandt
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Hello Scott,

Hope you are doing well!

I am very much familiar with your requirements and I can surely assist you. Let’s discuss it more over $kype. My $kype is: cis.troy you can also mail me at: tory.cis30 at . I have also sent an email at the given email ID.

Looking forward to hear form you soon!

Best Regards
Troy W.

@troyw thank you for your interest! I’m looking for someone with a bit more experience on the Webflow Forums. Take care!