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Need a payment function added to my site

Hello, dear Webflow forum. I’m on my way creating a swedish website related to the stock market. On this website I’m going to have a function called “TRADE ALERT”, where people can sign up and pay a monthly fee to get trade alerts everyday.

But!!! I got a problem, I’m looking to implement a “BUY NOW” button. Probably a paypal button, but I don’t know how to do it! And I need help from someone to explain it on beginners level.

Im looking for a function where people click buy, and after that they also sign up so the payment will automatically withdraw every month, every third month or every year depending on which program they choose. I also want to receive their name, email, address etc when they sign up for the Trade alert! How should I do this?

My website is the following:

This video might help you :smile:

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