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Need a lot of support from your forum

Hello, I’m a designer new to web design, I want to create your own portfolio website for my main profession of architect, designer, spent a lot of time wasted due to user code, please help it does not take a lot of time with the code on the basis of my theme.
I wish it would be for designers artists webflow was more accessible, despite the code, because a lot of interesting by JS script. And most importantly, we need a lot of support from your forum. Thank you !

You might want to start with asking a specific question. I’ve read all your posts that are linked, and I don’t understand your problem. You seem to have figured out the horizontal scroll, what’s the next problem?

And please don’t start a “it would be for designers artists webflow was more accessible”. It is very accessible. That’s the whole point of Webflow. You get a set of tools, they come with limitations. If you want to step outside of those limitations, you have to code yourself. Arguing that you are not a programmer doesn’t make you very likable around here.

PS. have you figured out the scrollbars? It’s an easy fix:

nameofdiv {
overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-y: hidden;

Hi Diu, opportunities webflow like a sweet candy wrapped in an iron if you do not know js)), saw the new features like effects, why not do it without the js code, and horizontal scrolling ? I’m an independent designer, and for me a very important creative things that can be executed without the code, I think that horizontal scrolling is to be executed webflow standard tools, without code. If you are applying for the fact that this webflow for creativity. Here is a good example of how to implement it without the code .
I do not speak English, I did not want to offend anyone, if something is not as if you’ll excuse, just the difficulties of translation))

Why not post it into the wish-list forum as a new feature of … maybe interactions 3.0 ? :smiley:

I’ll try ,difficulties of translation ))