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Need a little template help

I need a little help with the template I’m using for my site. Specifically:

  • Can the button in the nav bar be made to scroll to a specific page element? I see “section” as a choice, but the section I want to scroll to isn’t listed among the selections. Alternately, can it be made to open a form to collect an email address?
  • There’s a “Cart( )” link item in the nav bar. I don’t sell anything on my site, but I can’t seem to delete this. I can delete the text, but not the item count. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Andrew's Stupendous Project][1]

Hey @ADT2,

You definitely can. You are on the right track to have it link to a section. For in-page section links, you have set an id to your sections.

  • Select the section you want to link

  • Go to section settings (right hand side)

  • Enter a section-id which can be anything you like

  • Then you go to your navigation bar and set the link to a section and since you gave an id to the section, you should see it in the dropdown list.

And you are done, Webflow handles smooth scrolling to the section automatically.

Hope this helps!

Perfect - thanks! Exactly what I needed.

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