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Need a good webflow designer


I need a great designer to fix two pages for my company and that is interested in building pages for customers of mine. I sell pages also but need a GOOD designer that is need of more clients and also can live with that I also need margins selling pages. Preferably Norwegian speaking but it’s not a dealbreaker.

It’s very good if you take a tour on my existing page - experience in car, leasing industry or/and marketing industry is good. I thing we are alone in the world doing what we do but it’s definitely not brain surgery even. We need to help new clients to understand it though :slight_smile:

Lease car with commercial for cool
companies for less money! Also with the best prices and insurance conditions. We also provide so there can be multiple persons on a leasing contract. The only one that provides this. Smart in this car sharing times!

Lease car (also cargo cars) for you’re company with designed commercial for you - fixed and for a good price. This a new service I think can be very successful!

Have a leasing car from us? Don’t need it anymore? Advertise on our page and we help you solve the case. Full service, no one provides this. And it’s a lot af people that would choose us at start knowing we help them in these situations.

Have a care you like to trade in for a new one? We fix that too.

You like to advertise you’re company on our customers cars? And getting ambassadors at the same time? That’s us! We are alone providing this so do something that you’re competitors can’t do. We can offer exclusiveity in this
mediachannel. Ps. Would love to compete with clear channel etc… All the car brands that offer leasing cars to private persons and firms are competitors. But we only focus in leasing. Need the page to look and feel like the place to go when leaving cars in Norway!

And need a new page or online store? Well, now I don’t have a reliable designer but that is why I reach out here :slight_smile:

Am bubbling a lot but :slight_smile: if you are interested and think you can make the difference and help me, send me a mail and/or call me soon!

004741453938 (need a new page?, have one that is 50% finished - - but I am open for everything that is improving of course. Maybe it’s possible to redesign and update existing page?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey there and welcome to Webflow. I am a community expert here and also a part of the Webflow Experts program here.

I will shoot you an email as well.

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