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Need a border width greater than 100px, but Webflow maxes out at 100. Why?

I need to go higher than 100px but Webflow will not let me. Is there a reason for this?

Because Webflow’s internal int variables are unfortuinatly limited to +100.
I am sure they will fix it but it needs some time and testing!

You could put the Object into a div and give it a secound border.

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Christos Kapodistrias

Hey @MikeStvnsn, it was just an arbitrary limit - what’s a more reasonable limit that would work for you?

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Does there have to be a limit?

The way it’s currently set up, yeah - would it work if we make it 1000px?

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Absolutely- I couldn’t imagine any case where a border would need to be that large. 1000px would be nice so there would essentially be ‘no limit’.

Hi Mike, can you try again and let me know if you still are not able to create borders >= 100px. :smile:

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