Nearly all traffic from Facebook ads is logged as 0 second session length

Hey guys,

All my traffic is from Facebook ads and nearly all of it is being logged as having only a 0 seconds session length both by Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics (I used the standard webflow integration for both).

Furthermore, my ShareThis widget has many hundreds of shares (way too many to be legitimate) and only for the one product I’m sending traffic to.

I’ve chatted with Facebook and some professional marketing agencies and they both say that everything looks 100% i.e. my ads, my website, my pixel integration, etc. and they don’t know why my traffic is acting so strangely.

Everyone agrees that even if the users don’t like what they see when the page loads, it shouldn’t be logged as 0 sec.

Here’s the landing page I’m sending all the traffic to for reference -

Read only -

Any help would be hugely appreciated, as I’m at my wit’s end :frowning: