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NavLinks not showing at all in preview mode

Good afternoon

Im noticing that when i create and pad and position NavLinks in the designer with my custom created class , the Nav Links do not display in preview mode , im using my Imac with Google Chrome as my browser , ive created all of my pages now but have to keep revisiting the Navlinks because of the issue explained above.

Ive looked at a number of posts in the forum but couldn’t find a suitable resolution to my problem

Hopefully someone can assist

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Andy

The problem is the way you have created the boxes for the image and the nav links.

Try making the container2 a position:static flexbox:horizontal with justify “space between”

You shouldn’t really be moving things with position as they will “flow” to the right place to make them responsive.

Amazing thanks , only just logged back in after some time away , ill try it on all the site now