Navlinks hover state issue

Im having a few problems having my navbar state settings publish out to my website. Setting the colour within the editor for the hover/focus states etc seems to be a bit random, with some links showing the styling and some not.

Here is the recording:

This is my live site that I am publishing to:

This is the public free webflow template I used and customised:

hi @Ashish_Patel your issue is related to your wrong settings of hover state. As you do not share read-only be able point exactly what an where I will comment only on what I saw in video.

  1. in video you are setting color behaviour change on current (home) . The current state is where you set color that indicates what page client currently is reading. So this is why in your project behaves differently from other links.

  2. in template is set color on hover in global settings for all links

CleanShot 2023-08-28 at 07.35.51

You can also visit WFU to better understand different states be able set these correctly in your project.