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Navlinks change colour on scroll

I have a fixed Navbar at top of page and when the page scrolls down the navlinks change colour to blue when triggered by the sections to which they are linked.

Although this is good functionality, being quite new to Webflow I cannot find the interface menu that controls the trigger or even the colour invoked when the trigger is invoked.

Here is a test page that I have created to show this. I would appreciate help in finding the part of the interface that controls this.


Here is my public share link:
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Hi Stuart,

To be able to see your project you need to follow the steps to share your link below :grinning:

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Same here. Can’t figure out where to change it

Ok Stuart, I think I found it…
Click on the Navlink that is blue. You will notice in the class tab, it also says “current”.
This means that you have assigned that tab to a section, and it is “currently” the section you are in.
So now go and change the text colour to what you want it to be.
And it only applies this to the “current” setting…

Brilliant! I am not sure I would have worked this out on my own.

Thanks Wayne :slight_smile:

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