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Navlink state problem


I have a few navlinks at the top of the site i’m designing and I need the navlink to remain in its hovered/selected state (blue instead of grey) for all the pages that belong in the folder.

Because the folder can’t be a page I have a page within the folder with the same name “areas of practise”.
The menu works ok when I select the specific page but then doesn’t when I select another page from within the folder.

Hope this makes sense somehow… having trouble explaining but will try if needed.

here’s the link…

thank you!

Hello @alexi.

I checked your link and to me everything works good. Did you fix that issue already or I did not understood where it is?


Hi Anna,

Thanks for checking… can you go to “areas of practise” / “corporate law” or " “contracts”? when you’re on those pages is the “areas of practise” navlink blue or grey? I need it to be blue…


Appropriate inks are blue on hover and when page is open :relieved:

weird… when I look at those pages the link “areas of practise” at the top is grey instead of blue…

yes but when you click on “contracts I commercial Contracts / civils contracts” link does the “areas of practise” link remain blue?

Ok, I got it, you have 2 different links on 2 different pages: “contact” and “contacts” (which looks same). that’s why it wasn’t working

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