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Navigator triangle: Disappeared 'greyed out triangle': 'it looks like a section is into an other section' 'div into div'

hello webflow team, @Lindapham

The new navigation is almost all right…

I always have the problem to ‘look right’ what is in what, now I always thinks the a div or section is wrong placed… but it is confusing if you look the the vertical line that stops to nothing’

for example:


look to photshop: there is always an arrow even if there is nothing inside the folder: this gives a better view for the designer to structure everything!


Thanks to add a greyed-out arrow that is disappeard

I believe that your point can be really important.
But dude, you’re talking about bad UI while your post looks like this:

Sorry, I lost you right after the 2nd screenshot :frowning_face:

Try to improve your post so it will be easy to understand, as you’d like the platform to be :slight_smile:

hi [avivtech] and @Brando ( and @Lindapham
the second screenshot shows that I would like a ‘black arrow’ where it is possible to see better that the div block is part of the section ‘indeling2’.

This is better the way Adobe software works because sometimes I’m confused where the ‘div block’ belongs to…

Better understanding now?

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