Navigator pops out bug when trying to add interaction

Hello - i’m just starting to use Webflow, and am super excited, however I’m coming across an issue (on my mac and PC) when in chrome. When I navigate to the layer I want to animate, in the designer, I can click that I want to add a ‘mouse hover’ interaction, but once I select the smart animation option, and click to activate/edit that animation - the whole Navigator sidebar pops out from the side of the designer. Also, in this state, it’s unclickable. I have to double click a few times for the layers to ‘highlight’ when hovered over again. Likewise, in this state where the menu is popped out, I can’t click the ‘+’ in the start animation menu. So I can’t add any custom animation at all. Not sure what’s causing this weird bug, but it happens to me on both mac and windows. Maybe it’s a chrome issue specifically.

Any help is really appreciated! I’ll add some screenshots.

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Here you go! Webflow - Its Jess!'s Supercool Site

Sorry for not sending before!

I am able to add animation interactions on safari - just tested that. But still can’t do so on the grid items in chrome.

hi @Its_Jess tested in chrome and adding animations works as expected.

Im glad it works for you - i’m still experiencing the issue in Chrome, however. Here’s a link to a screen recording of what i’m getting: screen on Vimeo

For context - I ended up adding animations in safari. so the link items now have animations - but even just hovering over the ‘time animation’ items in the interactions panel, it causes the navigator to pop out, and makes creating new interactions and hitting the ‘+’ not possible. See the video for reference.

Hi @Its_Jess here is my Chrome.

Thanks for your advice and insight Stan. I’ll try double checking all my extensions, though I thought i’d disabled most of them. I’ll let you know if i’m eventually able to animate normally.

Also thank you for the tip on adding the animation to the class itself. I didn’t realize there was a button at the bottom for the class instead of the element itself (im literally brand new to webflow lol). Appreciate the insight.

So I think the issue is relating somehow to the extensions - I disabled them all for now and i’m no longer experiencing the popping-out issue. I still wish I knew what it was that causes that, and how an extension can override the designer, but ah well. Glad to know that won’t stop me from creating.

Thanks Stan!

hi @Its_Jess WF Designer is simply said just React app running in browser so some extensions may have influence on performance and functionality as result of clash browsers API’s used in both apps. :wink: If you do not have further questions feel free to close your request as solved.