Navigation working on web not on mobile

Hellow fellow weblfowers.

I’ve been stuck on this for a few days now and as I’m now 1 little weird thing away from solving this, I wanted to come here for help.

I have a mobile nav, made all custom on webflow (Awwweeesssommeee). But when I try it on webflow or my browser on my computer resized to a mobile size, it works perfectly. That said when I open it on my phone the navigation doesn’t appear when you click on the hamburger nav. I tried safari and chrome.

Computer Video: [deleted]
Mobile Video: [deleted]
Thank you!

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Well you’re totally right! I should have done that!
The good news is that I got external help to figure it out cause I was going crazeyyy.

I’l explain tho hoping this helps someone else in the community.
The problems were that I had it hidden but on the interaction I didn’t bring it back to visible. Altho this didn’t completely solved my issue, we ended up just moving it out of the frame and make it’s opacity to 0. Both combined worked like a charm!

It is strange tho that it was working on my computer web and not on mobile.

Thank you!

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