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Navigation UI / UX patterns?

Wondering if anyone knows of any posts or tips n’tricks on best practices in webflow with being innovative with Navigation Headers?

I’m doing a quick sprint for a client on possible Header Navigation options, and am looking for some design patterns.

I’ve broken down the flow into two aspects

  1. homepage load (or anypage for that fact) - Static
    Focus on visual brand introduction & a thinSlicing of what pages the user can navigate to, to achieve their Jobs to be done on why they clicked here. (google #JTBD - its a great new philosophy behind how people hire your product to get a job done they are trying to do)

  2. on Scroll
    Once the user starts to scroll, the header navigation changes to either minimize the focus on what we ‘determine are the goals’ of the site by pushing the user to the main two services we want them to buy (1) management & (2) development… all other links will go on the right in text form (visual hierarchy 101)

One i like is the
Scroll down the page and will see the interaction ( think webflow interactions people :wink:

The part I’m experiencing friction with, is that the visual jump shouldn’t be so heavy as to hurt the eyes (visual friction) as well as happen on all pages…maybe just the hompage at first… any thoughts or new ways to think would be welcomed my webFLOWers (see thats my Valentines reference today #iTRY )

----- if then this that ------

If people are interested in this, I’ll throw together some sketchFlow UI’s mockups with some logic (or at least I think its logic to me’head :wink:

Our company’s core focus this year is how we can bring new eyes with an injection of design thinking! Stay tuned for the launch of our new site!

p.s Not to sure if this belongs in General, so any admin’s, feel free to move it or teach me where to post stuff like this, thanks

In the spirit of trying to instigate a little conversation about this.
Here is a good article > on the power of clean user interface headers with Navigation

I’m interested in exploring different design patterns / interaction design IxD that better the usability around one’s website through clean Navigation while holding onto strong branding.

Here is a great articled shedding light on what people are terming CX - the Customer Experience vs UX

enjoy and I welcome any feedback or insights :wink: