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Navigation re-arranging on pages

My Navigation seems to be re-arranging itself whenever i visit another page. The page i’m on seems to jump to the front of the list. Also on mobile menu it creates a space.

I also have a donate button at the top that is throwing my layout out when i view it on mobile portrait.

Any ideas what could be causing these 2 things to happen?


Here is my public share link:

Without looking further, have you put a “float” attribute to the Current state of the link?

Yep you did :wink:

Whenever a link gets the current property (when you’re on its page), it gets a float left attribute and pass all the others in the queue (how rude…)

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Haha sheesh no idea why i would’ve done that. Trigger happy i guess.

Thanks @vincent

@vincent any idea what would be the issue with the mobile menu? Sorry, generated a new preview link.

Sorry updated the share link again.

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