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Navigation not showing on Oliver theme


Why is it that the floating nav bar is NOT showing here: when clicking the “About” menuitem? It shows when clicking any other menuitem or scrolling down a bit on the “About” section.

Also how do we style and change image/logo on the floating nav bar?

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hi @Make, I checked that site, but the floating nav bar is showing properly for me. Do you have a screenshot of the exact thing not working?

Regarding changing the styles of the nav bars, those are symbols, to edit those, you double click on the symbol which is highlighted in green (say the Nav Scroll symbol). This will open to allow you to start editing. Sometimes, those root elements have display none in effect, you have to temporarily set the display to block to view the element for editing. When done editing, set that back to display none.

I hope that helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to further assist. Cheers, Dave


No floating navigation is showing here:

You just entered the About us section in that screenshot, once you start to scroll further the menu will appear. My personal suggestion if you want it to appear right when you enter the about us section, is to edit the interaction that triggers the floating navigation to show on an ‘offset’, do so by clicking on the home section, and then head to the settings panel, open the corresponding interaction, and change the offset under “scrolls out of view” until you are happy with when the nav appears.