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Navigation Menu Type

Right now we have:

Menu Type:
Over Right
Over Left

It’d be nice to have the option for Fade In; helpful for full-screen menus.

Keep up the good work thanks!

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You can do this with interactions. Instead of using the default menu, which is so limited I almost never use it, just create a full page section and put links in that however you want. Then set the display setting to none and make your button. Trigger the button to make the menu section visible and add any transitions you want. Then just add your close button within the menu section and apply the reverse interaction to that. Done.

I recently built a menu like this for a client that needed a nested menu. You can check it out at


You can also nest the menu component in the same fashion which adds the benefit of built dual navigation current highlighting / scroll to function, etc. It was a bit of work to figure out though.