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Navigation links not exporting when i publish the website

side nav under library works in the preview mode but does not work in the published website.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Publish the website
  2. Go to published website
  3. Navigate to the library tab
  4. The side nav now is not operable.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @rvairamohan1

Just a quick reply to say we will look into this shortly.


Hi @rvairamohan1

Thanks for posting about this. I did some more testing and was able to see the error on this end as well.

It looks like it may be caused by some custom js on these pages:

Can you please try removing these scripts temporarily, republish, and test to see if the links work as expected?

​Thanks in advance,

I have removed the custom code you were referring to.
Still seeing the same issue.
Here is my read only link again:

Also I have seen this issue once before. And I had to reset my project to a day before and everything worked fine.
The reason i dont think its the custom code as the custom code was there since quite some time. This started acting funny this am.

This is super interesting — I deleted all the custom code and it changed the behavior for some pages but not all.

Then I deleted the overlay element from all pages and the navlinks worked as expected :thinking:

Does this work on your end as well?

I need the overlay element since its a hidden element in all pages and works as the background when the side nav comes in on phone

I did some more testing today and it looks like you resolved the issue:

Are you still seeing this, or were you able to resolve it?

Resolved as i deleted the overlay layer. But i dont know what the issue was with it.
i would need it later and will hit you up then

@Brando the issue has repeated again. I am assuming this is some kind of bug.
Please check this out. I also stated another discussion but have not heard anything from your side.
This is the 3-4th time, this issue has come up.
Navigate to library section on the published website.
The left navigation items dont work or show the current selection.
This is only happening on the live website.
This also is reflected on all pages other than icons and colors.

link on live website:

Here is my site Read-Only:

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