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Navigation link in current status

Hi ,

Can I have the css code for the navigation link in current (selected) status.

thank you.


When you create a navigation and go to the page that the navigation leads you can select the menu current state as far as I know.

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@kamokazi if you’re on the Home page and you make one of your Navigation Links point to the home page it will automatically add a “current” class.

no current status , just none,hover,pressed and focused.

and thanks for ur help

Thank you for ur response , I’m looking for the css code , its show the blue color for the current status !!

when I used the style setting after choosing the nav bar link it’s show the below status:

Thanks again.

Yup, by default the current class has a font-color of Blue. You can override that to whatever color.

The “current” state will not show up in the state menu because it’s a different “type” of state. Let us know if you need any more help!

@kamokazi so Focus = Current is it??
@thesergie when my link’s content are in the same page and wanted to give the current status it doen not take.

secondly if i am in some other section “i.e. portfolio, clients etc” then also its showing current as home

How to solve this
Pls somebody help … thanks in advance

“Current” class is automatically added when the link is pointing to the current page. Make sure your links are pointing to the right pages and the “current” will show up next to the link.


Can I get rid of this? I hate having to independently change the “current” selector even when I make a change to Nav Link.


How can I override the color? It seems I can’t select the “Current” status to apply the color that I want. Thanks in advance for your reply.

SAME ISSUE :frowning: cant figure out how to override or even get to the current state in my nav bar.

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@Paul Yeah you can style the not-current (or remove that “current” auto class) state by selecting a nav link that isn’t considered “current”. We are working on an overhaul of our system that would let you choose the non current state from the inheritance dropdown. Sorry about that!

@Pierre to override the color for the nav link current state, go to the part of your site to make the “current” class to appear to the selector and override the color there.

@c47booths check out my reply above. You can also create a screencast if you’re running into a bug.

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Thanks for your response. As shown by the screenshot attached, the selector input box shows the “Current” item, however, the type color selection doesn’t show the blue that is actually applied to the “current” state – it shows instead the default state color (in this case a dark gray). There is no obvious way to change that blue – I may be missing something, but I just can’t find how to do this… Thanks again, Sergie.

Not sure why the blue value isn’t showing. Must be a bug. To change the color try to change it to a random color and then change it back to #222 and it should work.

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Problem solved. Thank you, Sergie.

Could someone fix the bug. Took me a lot of time to find that out here (May 14).

Changing the colour back and forth solved it

Thanks a lot


Just had this same issue so looks like this bug has existed for over 2 years.

You just need to be able to choose ‘Current’ from the link state, that would solve all issues.

I have a one pager and i had only links to anchors within the page, so the current style wasn’t showing in the webflow designer.

I had to change the link to point to the current page (the site is only one page) this then showed the current style which i could change the colour for, and then remove the link (change it back to the anchor on the page). Quite a hacky way of resolving a very basic part of the nav item!

I gave up on any hope of this being fixed anytime soon. I just build my own nav menu now. Less hassles.