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Navigation-items on the hamburger menu: when click on them open the side AND close the menu?

Hey :slight_smile: I´ve searched a lot but didn´t find a answer: When I click on the hamburger menu it opens. When I click on one navigation item, it opens the site and then I have to click again on the menu bevor the menu closes (and I see just the hamburger and not the items).
Is there a way, that one click on the navigation item brings you on the site and closes automatically the menu?
(I think I have done a mistake, but don´t know where exactly :smiley: and so my items are very diffrent sizes and strangely arranged, when you have clicked on one and switch to the side and then, when you close the menu and open it again, everything is great arranged , so I hope there is a easy solution so I don´t have to search for my mistake, which rearranges and changes my items)

Help would be soo great, I am so frustrated, that I don´t find something^^

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Welcome to the community @Schmitti!

It’s going to be difficult to diagnose the issue without looking closer at your setup. Would you mind including your read-only link so I could take a peek?