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Navigation Issues in Respondoing

Not sure what i am doing wrong, i will try and explain the issue so someone can understand my pain

1- i have a simple navigation and i have it working the way i want on the home page. no issues

2- once i was happy with the nav i turned it into a symbol, to reuse on other pages

3- everything looks in place when you look at the website in webflow, using the responsive tabs, nothing breaks.


when i open the page on my Note 8.

1- homepage works as expected.

using the same settings as on homepage for the navigation

2- when i go to my second page titled “where did i come from?” , the navigation breaks the , the body gets a horizontal scroll and the hamburger menu is hiding somewhere on the right

why is this happening? i personally think there is some buggyness happening with webflow. can someone please help me

my project link

Marking this as a BUG because theres is not other logical answer to what im dealing with


Please check on a mobile phone to see what im talking about

Hello @omerwaiz

Is this happening in other devices as well? I tried it on an iPhone 7 and iPad and everything seems to be working.

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thanks aaron, i checked on an iphone, and everything is where its supposed to be, super confused by the Note 8 is having issues, im using a chrome browser , i’ll try another one.

thank you for looking into this

UPDATE: i checked on the native samsung internet browser, seeing the same issue :confused:

I don’t have a Samsung device nearby to test it. I can borrow one in a couple of hours, once I check it there I’ll let you know.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful just now

awesome, thank you, i can wait :slight_smile:

Hi @omerwaiz

I was able to fix the horizontal scroll issue by removing the minimum width you have set on the sections:

Then setting each block section to overflow: hidden. I’m thinking the horizontal scroll was caused by some of the animations’ initial states.

Hope this helps!


sweetness extreme,

thank you @Brando and @aaronocampo

love it :slight_smile:


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