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Navigation issues across devices

I’m having issues with the design of my header navigation when I switch between device views. On the horizontal view on the mobile device it disappears altogether. On the vertical mobile device, the currently selected element in the nav is not adopting the style that is actually set (it should be the same as all other pages in the list aside from the background colour but it’s not appearing correctly). I’m using chrome as Safari was having even stranger bugs…

Here’s the site:

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Hi @stackdesigns, thanks for your question. I was looking at your site a bit, and it seems you are working on it at same time ? :slight_smile: I can see now that your mobile portrait view menu seems to be working better. Are you still experiencing the issue?

Cheers, Dave

I was curious about this. Does the system tell you someone is modifying it ?
or do you see the changes in run time.

I’ve submitted tickets in the past… and was concerned about this.

So… I’ve generally duplicated the project - and provided a public link for the duplicate.

It would nice if webflow allowed us to have a couple “duplicate projects”… that didn’t interfere with our project count (limits).

Hi @revolution,Thanks for your question, that’s a good one. Actually I didn’t mean to say that I could tell that he was modifying the site by looking at any kind of activity monitor, however when I checked earlier this morning the issue with the menu was present, and then when I checked a little bit later the issue was no longer showing itself. That is why I was wondering if they were working on their site between the time that they had posted the original question.

At the moment duplicating a site for testing purposes counts toward your overall site count. I do not think that this will change in the future, but I can bring it up with the rest of the team. Cheers, Dave