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Navigation Issue when changing breakpoints

I have a dropdown menu in the main navigation (features) that is full-width on desktop and then I hide it on tablet and mobile. When I go from one breakpoint to the other, the menu looses its full width but all the styles are the same…Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

your share link is broken. can you fix it?

@DFink Fixed thanks for noticing. I had regenerated it.

Moving this to bugs.

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Hi @sarahdarr,

Thanks for posting about your dropdown menu, as this does look like odd behavior.

We were able to take a look at your project, and reproduced what you’re experiencing.

A good note is that it only occurs when a user goes from mobile to desktop, which hardly occurs outside of the design/development community

We’ve gone ahead and notified our engineers of the issue, though we do not yet have a timeline on when a fix will be available. However, we’ll be happy to let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your patience :bowing_man:

@mistercreate No worries and thank you so much for looking into this :slight_smile: Ill keep an eye out for a solution and until then I will hope that our users are not going to be doing a ton of browser resizing hahaha!

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