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Navigation including Categories and Sub Categories

Hello again guys, I am setting up an e-commerce site for the first time and I have some questions.

  1. Can I have a navigation bar that has categories and subcategories below the categories as shown in the attached image as well as in the shared link?

  2. Do I need to setup multi-reference fields and connect to the CMS inside the project to achieve subcategories?

  3. If not, can I just make the subcategories as separate Categories and just style them differently (smaller font, etc.) in the CMS list?

  4. Can I Switch between Product Variants using custom buttons (like dots for separate colors, that upon clicking change the product variant?

  5. I currently have an Account plan that will be later on hosted on Webflow, am I missing something by not buying the hosting plan right from the start?

  6. Can I put the add to cart button anywhere and connect it to a product I want it to work with?

Sorry for the long post guys,and also the site is in Greek sorry for that too.