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Navigation. If one thing absorbs my mind with Webflow!

I may be the only one, but EVERYTHING about bringing in and configuring the navbar is to me an absolute disaster!!! Whilst yes I’m something of a novice, it can take me days to work out how to set one up, AND every single time I learn NOTHING from my previous work.

And it seems of late, I’m not sure if changes to workflow has made it more difficult, but my mind is consistently spinning in circles! I’m SO close to just chucking it in!

Hi Richard,

I agree with you - the navigation can be hard. It is especially hard if you want to customize the navigation at all.

I would suggest building a standard nav that you can use for a lot of your projects. And then just using the copy and paste option when you start a new site.

Teresa - Webflow Designer



Can you post examples of specifically what you intend to achieve with your navbars? We can turn this disaster into an awesome navbar.