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Navigation differences in dropdown vs not dropdown nav

I’m having a couple issues with navigation. I have some dropdowns and some regular links. The dropdowns both do the rollover action at the same time when either is rolled over on the desktop version.
On the other versions, there’s no white line between the nav buttons, I want that white line.
Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

can you please provide a link to the published website

Here’s the sharing link:

not the “read only link” but the link to the live website…


Any thoughts, IVG? Hope you’re well.

Can you attach an image or screenshot to show which white line you are looking for?


Sorry for the long wait

Ah, jeez, yes, thank you!
Also, if you go to the desktop version, my two dropdown nav items both do the rollover action when either is rolled over… how do I separate them?


Sorry, I don’t understand, Try to elaborate, attach video

See how when you rollover ‘our proprietary process’, ‘our services’ also moves down.

If you rollover about us, testimonials, blog, contact, only that nav moves down.

YES!!! Thank you so much for the help!