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Navigation "current page" not working for some links

The navigation on my site appears to be a bit wonky - when clicking on the nav links, some of them do not reflect the “current page” setting. Instead, the underline style (for “current” page) stays on the Home link. Can someone please help me trouble shoot?

You have custom code that temporarily changes the URL on page load. To find out which is it, remove custom code block by block and republish until the issue doesn’t happen.

HI Samliew,

Thanks for your response! I removed all of my custom code and it is still not working :confused: Do you have any other ideas?

No you haven’t entirely removed them yet. I’m still seeing w-embed. One of these is definitely conflicting with Webflow.

Oh nooo okay so I have to completely delete my custom embeds to troubleshoot this, correct? I can’t just hide them?

Yes, delete. Once you have found the script that is causing the error, you can rollback your project and just delete the offending script.

I found it! Its unfortunately an important script for my site… is there any way to fix this to be compatible with webflow?

Also, can you take a look again at my site - you’ll notice the “current” class now works for all of the navigation links except for the “shops” link. Do you know why this would be happening?

Not without knowing what the script does, and why it does it that way. Please contact the developer of the script.

More embed code on this page that isn’t removed yet.

Okay thank you so much for your help!

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