Navigation component links redirecting to with "@" symbol

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with my Webflow site’s navigation. I have set up a navigation component with links to specific pages within my site, but when I click on a navigation item in the Designer view, it redirects me to with the page name preceded by an “@” symbol.

This behavior is causing me to leave the Designer view and navigate to an external page, which is not what I intended. I have checked my link properties and site settings, and they are both set up correctly. Additionally, this navigation component has a “URL” property that I have not modified.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or have any suggestions for how to troubleshoot it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow Read only link]

Hey Pavle!

If I had to guess, it would be because Webflow ‘doesn’t know’ what the link leads to yet, since it’s connected through the property function. That would also be why it first perfectly fine on the published website.

If you disconnected the property and just link it to the page, the issue is disappears!

Hey @RoryVB ,

Thank you for the feedback.

That is correct. The disconnected property does not have any issues at all.

To clarify, is it normal for the connected property to not display the correct URL when clicking on a menu item within the Designer?

Thank you for your assistance.

I’ve never found navigation within Designer Preview to be workable. When testing your navigation you’ll have much better luck just publishing it to and testing it there.

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I agree with @memetican. To be honest, I’ve always navigated through Designer mode with the build in pages tab! As soon as the navbar component gets a little complicated, it won’t be very reliable to navigate anymore.

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