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Navigation bar covering H2 titles on blog post

I have embedded code onto my blog posts to create a table of contents that when clicking on the link takes you to that section. However, when I click on the link and takes me to the section, my navigation bar ends up covering the title being linked to so myself and readers wouldn’t know what section it is. I’ve tried doing it by moving the embed box un another location, however, that just ends up creating an awkward space.

Any ideas on what I can do?

Can you share your preview link?

Read-only link:

So why you have to put embedded code on table of contents? Isn’t the simple text link or link block is easier?

We used a collection to create the blog posts and made a blog post template page (so all blog posts follow this format and the text is taken from the collection post). We did it this way as we couldn’t seem to find another way to create the table of contents with how the website was built.