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Navigation and Dropdown in same Menu Container

Hi folks

I’m a novice so bear with me.

I’m trying to create a Navigation Menu which has the usual links but also a couple of Dropdowns. I’m struggling to see how this can be done without without manually positioning the Dropdowns in a Navbar? I mean I can do this but when a second Dropdown is added, it too has to be added to the Navbar manually etc. etc. I’d like a menu which has the option for submenu is what I’m asking?

Hope that makes sense?

Not yet but there’s still hope ;-D

I don’t understand your issue. Yes you have to drag a dropdown item to build your navbar possibly several of them. I don’t understand why it’s an issue for you.

I just answered my own question.

What I was doing (unsuccessfully) was trying to add a couple of Dropdowns in between the Navbar Links which threw off the CSS entirely. My menu goes something like this:


Only the PRODUCTS and ACCESSORIES have submenus requiring Dropdowns but I’ve just gone ahead and used Dropdowns for all items (removing the downarrow icon where no submenu exists). I’ll ensure my future posts aren’t as dumb :blush:

Really the only dumb thing is when you don’t want to ask :smile: So don’t hesitate.