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NavBar with sub items

Hi there! This is a special one for me, firstly - my first post on the forum, secondly - finally stumbled upon something i couldn’t manage myself.

Basically i’m trying to create a navbar with some sub-items in itself. I’ll try to describe what im trying to do, and even if that doesn’t make sense i drew a very professional sketch of my dream navbar

What im trying to do is a navbar, that has a few main Items, and then when a user hovers over one of them, the sub items attached to the main item appear. We’re talking about an ecommerce website. So the main categories are: Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine. The sub items are: Rose Sparkling wine (Main category Sparkling wine) and so on.

Im attaching the image of a view i want to achieve, and i would be really really thankful if from all of you guys someone could reach out a helping hand.

Thanks in advance and have a great day