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Navbar weird behaviour, need assistance!

Hi all! I’m using a premium template but I’m having issues that on some pages, my navbar goes transparent the first 10% view width when scrolling (on some pages). I don’t know how to fix this, sometimes this bug is on mobile, and on other pages only on larger screens.

Would greatly appreciate some help on this one…

Read only link: Webflow - Bottel new website

Bug is not visible at first-page load following the read-only link, but it’s there if you click around and go back you can see it


I can’t find any bugs with the navbar as you described and I scrolled through many pages, on both mobile and desktop. Can you make a screenshot if you encounter it again?

Does this error occur with every browser and also in incognito mode?


Hi Leon, thanks for replying

I recently solved this issue myself, navbar had a scroll-through page animation that I removed.