Navbar Symbol off on one page

Hi all, I have set up a navbar symbol and its fine on all pages except for one, even though the symbol is the same, the whole navbar seems to shift to the side a few pixels on this single page. Any tips? I’m using Chrome and the page is the “Clients” tab up top.

As a follow up, doesnt seem to be an issue viewing on Explorer.

I’m not getting this result.

On Chrome - it seems to work just fine.

I’d fix the interaction issue on the menu items though.

See video:

Your site is fine. Actually what happens is your whole page shifts to the right when… when a vertical elevator appears becaus the page is too long and overflow. It’s just that I think.

no elevator:


Thanks so much for the response, I’m definitely a bit of a beginner!

Hi @eshotsinc,

I also took a peek at the site and wasn’t able to spot the shifting link. Is there a way you can provide some detailed screenshots of the behavior?

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