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Navbar Symbol and disappearing Nav link on secondary page

Hello, I’m brand new to the platform, building my first site, and have run into a snag when working with the Navbar on my 2-page portfolio site.

I created my nav, but when I click to the CONTACT page, the WORK (home) button disappears. I don’t know where the WORK button disappeared to, and I can’t seem to get it to reappear. I converted it to a symbol, so I could reuse this across all pages.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve since there’s nothing on your site. I strongly suggest watching ALL the videos here before proceeding with your design.

Webflow has a pretty steep learning curve. Not only should you understand the tool, but also the basics of HTML and CSS styling. These are super important before you continue with your site. By watching these videos, you will likely figure out the answer to any issues you find. Also go ahead and watch any other videos on that site and feel free to search there for more information when you need it. That site is a lifesaver!

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Hi James,
Not sure if you solved your problem yet but in case you hadn’t, here’s what I think you might’ve experienced.

After looking at your example page, I too stumbled here. And it appears that you might’ve been adding an image to the brand link as a background instead of adding an image element to the brand link.

While this is shown in the video tutorial, it isn’t clear enough that deviating from this process will result in this experience.

And so it is easy for the user to assume that instead of dragging an image onto the brand link, the user can simply select the brand link element from within the navigator and, under the styling tab, add a background image and that would do, which is what I did, but it won’t. This link element is invisible, so adding an image or a color won’t do anything.

Part of what made it even more confusing to figure out is that in design mode you can see the image, and/or color in the brand link, but disappears in preview mode. Only after adding an image element can you then see the image in preview mode.

This is part of why Webflow has a steep learning curve, as DFink mentioned.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Miguel! That is a great explanation. It’s been years since I messed around with CSS, so its taking me some time to shake off the rust.

You’re right, and I think this is exactly why the button wasn’t showing up when I posted here… I was making it a background instead of an image!