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Navbar/ sub menu

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been struggling with the construction of my website and to be more specific on the creation of a nav bar that would act as a sub menu . I would like it to show different information on the same page depending on which item would be clicked on the nav bar.
Images describe best ! I would actually want to reecreate what’s been done on this website on the nav bar under the big text “Infos Pratiques” :|2

Thank you very much for any help you can give ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Faust,

can you provide a screenshot of which part exactly?
And then share with us what you’ve done so far…


Hello Matthias,
Thanks for your answer !
Here’s a screenshot of what I’d like to achieve

So far, I haven’t done anything significant regarding this submenu but you can have a look if you want by visiting my page

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Ok. Please provide a shareable link of your project:

What you have in mind is not so complicated but hard to explain ( in short)

– First add buttons from the “Element” Panel and align them
– Than you need for every button a div with your content below the buttons
– Set all these divs to “hidden”
– Go to “Interactions” and add a “mouse click” Interaction to every button
– Configure the animation to “show”
– The hidden divs will appear


Hi Faust,

I saw there is a prebuilt element in webflow that exactly does that you need:
Go to:
add Elements / components / tabs


Aw yes that’s perfect ! Thank you for your help, I thought I might go crazy on this ahah
Have a nice day !