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Navbar Settings "ease" definitions

Can’t seem to find a glossary of sorts that gives a basic description or definition of different features you will see throughout your tools. You might want to consider that. For example I see all the different Navbar Setting under Ease Open. There are 8 choices! But I have no idea what each does and it will be a pain to trial an error each one. In the meantime can you help me with this question. When hitting the hamburger bars and the menu drops down it never goes away unless the person hits one of the choices. What if he changes his mind and maybe just tapped the hamburger bars to see the menu choices but really doesn’t want to leave the page they are on. Does one of the 8 “ease” choices automatically retract the menu after x amount of time if no selection was made? Thank you.

Hi, does the menu go away after user clicks on hamburger icon second time? If not, then it could be that some other element is covering the clickable region of the hamburger icon.

Regarding the documentation on what all possible choices are, you have valid point and we are working to update our documentation with more specific info on settings etc.

I have mine revealing on the right side so it covers the hamburger icon. Is it suppose to go away after a period of time on inaction? Allegro Project

Hi, at the moment, there is no a timer on the drop down… if the user clicks or presses on an area outside of the slide out menu, then the menu should close. I would have to look at your site further, but when you hamburger icon is covered by some other element, then the click action can’t be performed, and cannot close the menu.

But there is no option NOT to have the hamburger icon covered if you want the menu to show on the right side.